Are you searching for a local NY dentist? If yes, Best Dental Care NY is the right choice for any new or existing Aflac Dental Benefit Plan patient. Once you step into our state-of-the-art dental clinic, you will be welcomed, by a friendly and caring staff and exceptional dentists who develop long lasting relationships with their patients.

Best Dental Care NY offers exceptional dental treatment for all Aflac Dental Benefit Plan patients. If you search for an Aflac Dental Benefit Plan dentist in NYC you just found the right Aflac Dental Benefit Plan office. Just stop by our dental clinic located at 2090 7th. Avenue, Ground Floor, New York NY 10027 and see for your self what exceptional dental care means.

We currently accept new Aflac Dental Benefit Plan Insurance patients for all regular dental treatments and cosmetic dental treatments. Please call our dental office at 212-749-2222 or book your No-Obligation dental visit online.

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1. Friendly and Caring Dental Staff.

2. Free Oral Consultation.

3. Free Oral Cancer Screening.

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